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FAQ & Policy

Thank you for browsing the web BOUNCE FOR KIDS.com, My goal is to build my business with satisfied customers and safety is my number one priority.


Payment: Our preferred payment is cash at this time and payment is due on delivery of bounce units.

Bad weather policy: Regardless of the situation, once any unit has been delivered, you will be charged the full price for the rental. That being said, if the forecast for the day of your event calls for inclement weather, we will call you the morning of your event to determine the proper course of action. If the forecast for the area is a 50% chance or higher for heavy storms, continued winds in excess of 20 mph, or lightning, we will likely not deliver or set up the unit, and any fees you have paid will be refunded, or you may choose to apply them towards a future rental. If the forecast calls for any other type of inclement weather, then we will work with you to determine what the best plan of action is. You have the right to cancel up until the time of delivery without financial penalty due to the chance of rain. Again, if the unit IS delivered, and your event ends up being rained out, we hope you understand why we will not issue a refund. We have the same amount of work in delivery and set up regardless, and in fact, a wet unit is substantially more work for us due to the extra weight and drying time necessary following the pickup. Please note that our dry units are NOT designed to get wet. A wet bouncer or slide not designed for water use is very slippery and a safety hazard. If you have a unit that has gotten wet, please take the time to dry it with a towel before resuming use.

Bounceforkids requirement:
• Must set up a level ground and require a 110 volt electrical outlet within 100 ft. to operate the unit.
• Plan a place in a area away from your house meters.
• Please remove toys, rocks or any animal droppings from the area the bounce is to be placed.
• Make sure no extra wires or cables are near the bounce units.
• Adult supervision is required at all times while children are in the bounce units.

Q: Do you give discounts for referrals of friends ,internet, Churches, or School ?
A: Yes, we will be happy to give you discount.
Q: How much space do I need?
A: At least 18'Lx18'Wx15'H.
Q: Do your jumpers have safety steps to get in & out:?
A: Yes, we do have safety steps to go in & out.
Q: Are the jumpers firmly secured?
A: Yes, safety is my number one priority.
Q: How often do you clean your jumpers?
A: Our jumpers are cleaned and sanitized ( MATT-KLEEN ) everytime after used.
Q: How far in advance do you need do you reserve your jumpers?
A; I prefer 1 to 2 weeks notice if possible.
Q: Do park cost more?
A: Yes, you need to get a park permit with the city of Dallas.
Q: Do parks need generator?
A: Yes, that will be additional fee.